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If you are a student looking for an internship with a cool startup, apply as a student below.

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Find excellent students to intern at your Startup. We curate the students experience, skills and interests to find the right match.

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Tell us about you, your skills and availability and we'll help you find internships with local startups based on your experience and interests.

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Tell us about the internship opportunities you have, the skills you need and we'll help you find the interns with the right skills.

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We match students and startups based not only on experience and skills but interests and culture. We focus on what's important.

The type of internships available vary, you could be helping with marketing, sales, programming, designing, etc. The idea is to tell us what you are looking for and we'll make an introduction to startups with opportunities that match your interests.
The service is currently free. We want to help students find great internships and also help people building companies find all the help they need. We do accept donations and are also working with other local organizations to get their support.
Startups need smart and creative interns, students need internships at interesting startups, we are here to make the match!

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We connect awesome Students with awesome Startups in their own cities. We understand that large companies have many programs and events that help them reach out to students looking for internships. However, smaller businesses and startups don't enjoy this exposure. We want to solve this problem, we want to help passionate students connect with small businesses and startups, one internship at a time.



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